About - Darren Hester


This is my online sketchbook where I share drawings, paintings, and other creative experiments. My goal is to make something new every week and post it here.

“Instead of trying to make a single work perfect, create more work. It is only through constant creation that we can grow and become better. Experiment with your art. It can lead to wonderful things. Stop worrying about being perfect.”
- Kevin Chung, skinnyartist.com

Some of my favorite drawing sites I go to for inspiration:

  • artstation.com - Showcase platform for games, film, media & entertainment artists. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired, and connect with new opportunities.
  • eatsleepdraw.com - Online art gallery where we they post 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe.
  • doodlersanonymous.com - Modern art blog featuring a vast archive of creative inspiration, hand-drawn interviews by contemporary artists, doodle challenges and prompts, giveaways, and a catalog of art-based goods.
  • urbansketchers.org - Their mission is to raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel.
  • ctrlpaint.com - Free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Each bite-sized video covers a different concept, allowing you to learn complex subjects in manageable increments.
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